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Working Professional

ASTI understands that our candidates are busy and have works to attend to. Therefore, we have scheduled them all with great consideration for their business schedules. As Saturdays and Fridays are the most convenient times for our candidates, we use them for our classes. However, we are also flexible to arrange classes on other days if it is logistically viable for everyone

A candidate is endowed with two singular routes to yield an academic degree. As usual, the academic route always yields an academic degree. However, as per the prevailing scenarios, even a vocational route can lead to an academic degree which can surely help our students who could not complete their academic route (any level/grade/standard) due to any reasons. Having realized this, ASTI primarily focuses on the vocational route for our working candidates as it would be impossible for them to complete their academic route now.

How can our program accelerate and bolster your career?

The program has been developed integrating pragmatic learning options and skill development opportunities to bolster the employability of the candidates. At ASTI, we have intelligently leveraged the UK Academic Framework to skew the most out of the programs offered in terms of academic value and vocational development. This guarantees holistic skilled development and growth of the candidates in the vertical of their academic choice. This growth will positively reflect on their career later
In addition to the potential private sector growth that a student can pursue, the programs are made to help the candidates to also leap into public and government sectors or in any industry for that matter. For example, if one of our candidates, studying at ASTI Dubai, as a technician in the HVAC vertical, at the end of the program at ASTI, she/he can improve the job title with the certification or qualification earned at ASTI even as an Engineer or as a Manager in the current company or any other.

As such, you can practically unlock the potential for you to enter into any position with the program offered by ASTI.

• Getting a coveted program and certified with us will help you
• Grow in your career quickly
• Assume more responsible, challenging, and dynamic roles in a managerial capacity
• Take on leadership and management roles
• Lead projects and assignments on behalf of your employer
• Make your candidature sought-after in the industry

• Bolster your compensation packages.


ASTI cultivates an incredible atmosphere, the campus motivates you to succeed in whatever you desire and those around you inspire you to work harder than ever before.The opportunities are endless, the friendships are lifelong and the experience is unforgettable.

Sanjay R

Where great research, great experiences and an excellent location combine with knowledgeable and compassionate staff to bring an overall fantastic experience. All the staff are willing and able to help each and every student succeed.

Larry Kim 

Could not imagine a better place to study and live. Such a wonderful city to be in with endless opportunities and communities. Feel incredibly lucky to be in Dubai and will always feel connected to this amazing institution.

Alex Micheal

I have finished my level 3 diploma in engineering. The best part of ASTI was the workshop because it gave me a clear understanding of building, fabrication or welding and many more, rather than theory. 

Ali Mansoor

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