Why ASTI Academy?

Quality Education

ASTI provides courses that are taught by highly qualified International Faculty and is constantly pursuing new accreditations to validate the quality maintained throughout and increase international recognition of its programs.

A student is endowed with two singular routes to yield an academic degree. As usual, academic route always yields an academic degree. However, as per the prevailing scenarios, a vocational route can lead to an academic degree and with their vocational background that can surely help those students who could not complete their academic route (any level/grade/standard) due to any reasons. Having realized this, ASTI is proud to primarily focus on the vocational route for our working candidates as it would be impossible for them to complete their academic route to complete their academic degree now.


ASTI qualifications were designed keeping students as the focus, so that the programs are affordable. Furthermore, ASTI favors open electronic educational resources through ASTI LMS, selected by our subject experts to make material available to you free of charge, no matter where you are .

With adequate academic qualifications earned from us and exceptional skills, you will have better chances of migration.


ASTI is a pioneer in accreted Middle-East and British education. The ASTI’s mix of self-paced and content driven courses makes ASTI’s teaching approach unique. Furthermore, ASTI is on the forefront of novel qualification offering


Once students begin their studies at ASTI, they are assigned with an academic counsellor who will guide them throughout their study at ASTI. This mentor will manage the student’s experience, and work together with the facilitators and faculty to ensure that the student is receiving adequate support needed to achieve all learning goals, and to complete the qualification with success.

One-to-One Faculty Interactions

When you study Mechanical Engineering at ASTI Dubai, you can fine-tune your technical skills by participating in projects, case studies, and other practical activities in every class. Then, your qualification culminates in a final hands-on experience in the form of your capstone project, which gives you the opportunity to showcase all you learned.

All students are assigned to an expert Faculty member who becomes their Facilitator for the duration of the course. Students have a one-to-one interaction with their Facilitator who guides them through the course, assessing works, providing feedbacks, and answering to any questions that arise regarding the course, course content and assignments. Furthermore, students comment that the flexibility and engagement of their Facilitators is a strength of ASTI.

Practical Focus

ASTI has a high emphasis on the practical application of the knowledge that is passed on to its Students. Students confirm that ASTI has an approach that yields valuable and practical life skills. For every module within each course students must complete a specific assignment, and at the end of the course, instead of final exams, a project is due that focuses on the application of the knowledge learned during the course.

Continuous Evaluation

All ASTI courses use continuous evaluation, where every graded assignment Students complete during a course counts to the overall grade of it. Furthermore, ASTI does not use quizzes or exams. This means that students are assessed on their ability to apply knowledge throughout the whole course, instead of memorizing concepts for the exam.

The courses that we offer are developed to be highly flexible, affordable and vocation-based to make sure that the courses meet all the requirements of the students in the most effective ways. Since the main aim of the program is to offer hands-on learning experience and skill development options to students, the modules are extremely pragmatic and developed based on real-life scenarios.

ASTI understands that our students are busy and have businesses to attend to. Therefore, we have scheduled them all with great consideration for their business schedules. As Fridays and Saturdays are the most convenient days for our candidates, we utilize them for our classes. However, we are also flexible to arrange classes on other days if it is logistically viable for everyone.

The quickest pathway for many, if not most, people to a rewarding career is going to college and getting a higher education. You may not know exactly what you want to do after graduating from college, but you do at least know you want a career that is more rewarding, pays well, and is something you feel secure in and satisfied with. These factors are why many people invest in college both with their money and time.

A higher education trains you in your chosen field, but it also teaches you to understand complex subjects, think analytically, and communicate your ideas effectively. You also learn important skills, such as organization, self-discipline, and how to see a task from start to finish. A higher education helps you become more professional and gives you many work- related skills.

The more information you know and the more time you have to study, the faster you’ll complete your qualification to complete the pathway to degree.

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