Internationally Recognized & Accredited | Engineering Courses In Dubai| Registered Training Provider In Dubai Since 1995 | Enquire Now @+971-42809955

Internationally Recognized & Accredited | Engineering Courses In Dubai| Registered Training Provider In Dubai Since 1995 | Enquire Now @+971-42809955

Internationally Recognized & Accredited | Engineering Courses In Dubai| Registered Training Provider In Dubai Since 1995 | Enquire Now @+971-42809955

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You want to enroll in a UK Qualification to pursue an undergraduate degree but English is not your first language.


You have completed high school , but you lack the credentials to enroll directly in a UK university program.


You have discontinued your high school education and are willing to take up your degree course.

Introduction To ASTI Foundation Programme In Dubai


The foundation course is a special curriculum designed to get students ready for entering the UG program after their high school education. The Foundation course gives students the chance to evaluate their knowledge and aptitude in the sector of their choice while concentrating on growing and updating their skills. When they begin their UG course, these steps are essential.

The Foundation Program is equivalent to Year 12 and prepares you for entry into first-year degree studies. The majority of the subjects in foundation courses are designed to advance students’ knowledge and abilities in order to better prepare them for their degree programs. The subjects are determined by the students’ areas of specialization. It will cover interpersonal communication skills, language development skills, and other abilities that may be necessary for a smooth transition into a degree program. You can study whenever it’s convenient for you to finish the 6-month program.

Why Choose ASTI For Foundation Program?

ASTI Academy, is a leading technical training institute in Dubai for higher educational qualifications. Our degrees are globally recognized and our world-class UK curriculum is created to get you ready for the careers of the future. You can start your undergraduate studies and finish your Foundation Program in six months, which is sometimes more than a year sooner than if you had finished high school. This provides you a year’s head start in both your academic career and future career.

We have changed the lives of over 300,000 students since 1995. Now it’s your turn!






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Experience Excellence with Level 3 Foundation Programs in Dubai from ASTI

Explore ASTI Level 3 Foundation Programs

Level 3 Diploma In Engineering

Level 3 Engineering diploma Courses from ASTI is to develop Knowledge in Engineering and technology to pursue alternative careers within the broad spectrum of engineering.

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Level 3 Diploma In Business

The Level 3 Diploma In Business is ideal for those wishing to pursue a career in business, in different areas such as marketing, finance, administration, customer service, and human resources.

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Level 3 Diploma In Accountancy

Level 3 diploma in accountancy from ASTI not only equips you with a solid theoretical understanding but also teaches you how to apply it practically, using real-world scenario.

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Level 3 Diploma In Information Technology

These courses are designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge for those who have a passion for technology and want to pursue a career in this exciting industry.

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You’ll be guaranteed a place in the following degrees if you complete ASTI Level 3 Foundation Pathway Program


Business & Management

Computing & IT

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Level 3 Progression

Satisfied Students & Their Stories

During my studies at ASTI, all of the teachers were really helpful and friendly. They have deep knowledge in their respective fields and their teaching method is also very good. There are no examinations, and we get our credit scores based on our assignment which is a great initiative.

At ASTI, I had the chance to engage in various practical and theoretical practices. The professors here are really helpful as always and the units were thought well. I would recommend this institution to anyone who has the passion and interest in becoming a valuable individual in life.


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