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The Higher International Diploma (HID) in IT Engineering offers the perfect pathway for students and professionals pursuing a career in IT (Information Technology) Engineering fields. This British vocational qualification is recognized by universities and employers all over the globe.


Students aged 18 and above, with a suitable academic background or related work experience can achieve an engineering qualification that equips them with the core knowledge, skills and techniques to build a successful career in the engineering field.


The selection of specialist modules and technical experience obtained in this Programme prepares students with the working practices essential to develop problem solving techniques in a professional engineering environment.


This Qualification offers a pathway to a rewarding career in the fields of IT Engineering.


In the modern workplace, it can be hard to keep up with rapidly changing information, communication and web technologies. This IT Engineering introduces you to the use of IT in a business environment. Its main aim is to enhance your knowledge, technical skills and expertise, so it’s ideal if you want to develop your professional IT skills and learn how to apply those skills in both commercial and nonprofit organisations. 


Upon completion of the Higher International Diploma in Information Technology, students will acquire a sound, theoretical knowledge in Information Technology (IT) and practical skills in the management of hardware and software development. The student will also acquire programming languages skill such as C programming, database query language, PHP and Java programming language to allow the student to be competent in the application and website development as well as the configuration of network and server operating system in today complex business environment.

For Programme registration details, contact our Course Advisors here.


Aims & Objectives

The aim and objective of the program is to prepare students for successful careers in the industry to meet the needs of Global companies or to become an entrepreneur. Higher International Diploma in IT (Information Technology) Engineering qualification is designed to prepare a high paying career in the computing industry.

  • This course is practical & skill oriented which makes the student very acceptable to the engineering industry.
  • Providing opportunities for students to work in their individual capacity as well as to function as teams on multidisciplinary projects.
  • Enabling students for lifelong learning and introduce them to professional ethics and sustainable development.
  • Identify and engage in query, develop new innovations and products.


Apart from studying and the assessments that you would have to pass through, a proper network is equally as important. ASTI Academy is known for supporting its students even after finishing the course program having a strong placement cell in the gulf region that is connected to different agencies and companies allowing a sustained flow of opportunities for the students who finish the course.

Qualification Details & Criteria’s
  • Qualification Title:

Upon the successful completion of the course and meeting its entire requirement the Learner will be issued a Qualification as “Higher International Diploma in Information Technology”.


  • Qualification Level:

HID is a Level 5 qualification (equivalent to the second year of a UK Bachelor’s Degree).


  • Qualification Credit Value:

240 credits

Upon successful completion of the course, the student will have completed at least 15 units and 240 + credits. On completion of Level 4 the student will have completed at least 8 units and 120 + credits.

Level 4 (1 year) The HID is a level-5 qualification delivered over two years, the first year at level 4 and the second year at level 5. If a student opts to take the HID, the student would be eligible for a Higher International Diploma after the successful completion of a minimum of 15 modules.





  • Program Structure:

15 mandatory units






















                   List of Units

S. No.




Technical Drawing with Engineering Graphics



Work shop and general safety



Applied Mathematics



Computer Networks



Data Structures and Algorithm



Database Management Systems



Object Oriented Programming



Mobile Application Development



Cryptography and Network Security



Programming in PHP



System Analysis and Design



Web Development and Design



 Computer Programming



Software Engineering







  • Mode of Study:

Classroom/ Blended.


  • Assessments:

Assignment based assessment (No Exams Involved)


  • Overall Grading:



Units will be graded in PASS, MERIT and DISTINCTION based on the performance on the given Assessment criteria’s.

NOTE: The students who are applicable for RPL will be awarded with a PASS grade.


  • Duration:

18 Months




Admission Requirements
  • Students/Learners with the Age 18 and above are eligible for the qualification but required to meet all the other Admission criteria’s.
  • High School Qualification (O levels/A levels/12th) and above.
  • Demonstrate English Language Proficiency in order to participate in the Programme taught in English.
  • Also refer to RPL guide to know more about exemptions (for working professionals only).

The Fees structure for this is yet to be announce for this Qualification.

Please feel free to contact us at +97142809955 or connect to our Course Advisors here.

Also you can submit your concern here and our team will get back to you.



ASTI also offers a flexible, affordable, and vocation-based program making sure it fits international standard and meets the requirements of its local and international students. The academy is known for its hands-on approach that allows a more practical and pragmatic way of developing skills. This is done by offering modules that are based on real-life scenarios allowing students a more sustainable learning process. This is important to make sure that the learning curve does not become theory-centric.

Career Progression:

What is the next step after completing your Higher International Diploma??

What our Level 3 students say about ASTI?

Flexible, affordable, and Government certified.

Study on your schedule.We offer flexible learning options are per the needs and individual requirements of the candidates. ASTI Dubai also offers exit route for job preparation and the option to resume the program later on..
With adequate academic qualifications earned from us and exceptional skills, you will have better chances of migration.
Study with the support of the most effective and efficient technology-driven platforms and infrastructure of incredible skill development opportunities.
At ASTI, we create an exceptionally value-adding and technology-driven learning milieu promoting holistic growth of the students.
The programs that are offered at ASTI Dubai are recognized by the government which bolsters the opportunities of our candidates for excellent careers and growth options.
Study on your schedule.We offer flexible learning options are per the needs and individual requirements of the candidates. ASTI Dubai also offers exit route for job preparation and the option to resume the program later on..

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