Automobile Diagnostics Course

 Are you an automobile expert? Do u know whats happening in the automobile industry?

In UAE the automobile industry boomed so much. As happens in every part of the universe the technology used in the automobile industry is also getting upgraded day by day. Who doesn’t want works done easily and fast! For that, the old methodologies will not work for the advanced world. No one can just pass their vehicle to there garage and wait for a number of days for that. The development and introduction of new diagnostic concepts and diagnostic solutions offer significant potential to automotive OEMs and suppliers for realizing efficiency gains and quality improvement. Growing complexity in automotive electronics can only be mastered – technically and economically – by the use of nonproprietary standards.

The automotive diagnostic course is a short term course. This course is for people in the automobile servicing or upgrading industry to improve and enrich their skill set in the professional field of automotive diagnostics. The intention of each student who yearns to opt for this course is to build a fascinating career in the automobile industry. Courses like the automotive diagnostic which gives both the theoretical knowledge and skill-set about how to diagnose the malfunction of a car will support the students who admire the automobiles and can make them a career option. The car computer system controls and monitors the functioning of the system. So in case of any sort of malfunction completely. This is a purely computerized method of diagnosing with the help of profoundly adequate diagnostic tools.

Automotive systems are safety-critical and are required to be highly fault-tolerant in operation. Automotive systems consist of mechanical, hydraulic, software and hardware components. There is a staggering amount of embedded computing within automotive systems. Software-intensive distributed electronic control systems are increasingly being used in the automobile industry to provide convenience and safety features to vehicle drivers and passengers, with increasing levels of automation and control authority. A growing trend is to assist the driver in maintaining safe control over the motion of the vehicle under a variety of conditions that include congested traffic conditions, adverse weather and road conditions, varying states of health of vehicle equipment, and varying skill levels of drivers. Previously such driver assistance has been provided in the form of information or warnings to the driver, but increasingly such assistance will be provided by actively manipulating actuators that control vehicle longitudinal acceleration and deceleration, lateral position, and vertical displacement. The long term trend is towards partial or even fully autonomous operation of a single vehicle, or even of fleets of vehicles. 

In ASTI, we provide weekend classes especially for our working students just by considering their busy schedules into account. ASTI provides  Learning Management System (LMS) – to support education anytime, anywhere. A fully feasible platform to gain knowledge. ASTI comes under the Government of Dubai, Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), National Qualification Authority (NQA), TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training), Qualification and Awards in Dubai (QAD). 

Worried about the fees?“If they are giving this much offers then they will have a huge fee!” Thinking like this? No need to worry at all. ASTI offers a very low fee as compared to other universities in Dubai. And we also provide flexible payment methods for the required students.

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