A Higher International Diploma Student

Benefits of ASTI

A Higher International Diploma Student 

The ASTI School offers students high-quality undergraduate degree programs across a range of engineering and computing majors to targeted regional markets. needs the quality of our programs and facilities to allow us to attract world-class faculty who make enthusiastic efforts to remain at the forefront of knowledge.
We are offering engineering courses in Different streams. 
What Is Level 3?
Level 3 qualification is designed to help learners develop the knowledge and skills required to progress in their chosen areas of the industry. It is a similar level to an A-Level. Once this qualification completed, there are lots of options and opportunities for what you can do next. Completers could use the credits gained from qualification to progress to a UK university degree.
What is Level 5
Level 5 qualification is designed to increase the student’s depth of knowledge and understanding of an area of work or study to enable the formulation of solutions
and responses to complex problems and situations. Learning at this level includes the demonstration of high levels of knowledge, a high level of work expertise in job roles, and competence in managing and training others. Qualifications at this level are appropriate for people working as higher – grade technicians professionals or managers

List of Courses at ASTI Academy

  • Diploma in Engineering Level 3
  • Extended Diploma in Engineering Level 3
  • Higher International Diploma in Automobile Engineering – Level 5
  • Higher International Diploma in Civil Engineering – Level 5
  • Higher International Diploma in Electrical And Electronics Engineering- Level 5
  • Higher International Diploma in Information Technology – Level 5
  • Higher International Diploma in Mechanical Engineering – Level 5
  • Higher International Diploma in Quantity Surveying – Level 5

The course that we offer is developed to be highly flexible, affordable, and vocation-based to make sure that it meets all the requirements of the students in the most effective ways. Since the chief aim of the program is to offer hands-on learning experience and skill development options to students, the modules are extremely pragmatic and developed based on real-life scenarios.

ASTI understands that our candidates are busy and have businesses to attend to. Therefore, we have scheduled them all with great consideration for their business schedules. As Saturdays and Fridays are the most convenient times for our candidates, we use them for our classes. However, we are also flexible to arrange classes on other days if it is logistically viable for everyone

A candidate is endowed with two singular routes to yield an academic degree. As usual, the academic route always yields an academic degree. However, as per the prevailing scenarios, even a vocational route can lead to an academic degree which can surely help our students who could not complete their academic route (any level/grade/standard) due to any reasons. Having realized this, ASTI primarily focuses on the vocational route for our working candidates as it would be impossible for them to complete their academic route now.


Learn real-world skills through projects and practical experiences

When you study civil engineering at ASTI Dubai, you can fine-tune your technical skills by participating in projects, case studies, and other practical activities in every class. Then, your degree culminates in a final hands-on experience in the form of your capstone project, which gives you the opportunity to showcase all you learned.


ASTI cultivates an incredible atmosphere, the campus motivates you to succeed in whatever you desire and those around you inspire you to work harder than ever before.The opportunities are endless, the friendships are lifelong and the experience is unforgettable.

Sanjay R

Where great research, great experiences and an excellent location combine with knowledgeable and compassionate staff to bring an overall fantastic experience. All the staff are willing and able to help each and every student succeed.

Larry Kim 

Could not imagine a better place to study and live. Such a wonderful city to be in with endless opportunities and communities. Feel incredibly lucky to be in Dubai and will always feel connected to this amazing institution.

Alex Micheal

I have finished my level 3 diploma in engineering. The best part of ASTI was the workshop because it gave me a clear understanding of building, fabrication or welding and many more, rather than theory. 

Ali Mansoor

Create Your Own Path With ASTI



Building 29, 5th  Street
Al Qusais 2
PO Box 1235
[email protected]

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